Saturday, November 17, 2012

Haunting on Campus

"Bye Lily, seeya later tonight" I say waving to her as we part our separate ways in the dining hall. I get in line and grab the food that I want. After paying, I look around for my boyfriend. I spot him ad quickly make my way over to him. Once I reach the table, I sit down happily. I'm in a good mood right now. Eric looks up from the book he was studying.
"well someone is in a good mood" he says while putting his book away.
"Yes, I am" I say. And nothing can bring me down.....well maybe if I bump into a nerd, but I don't see one around so I'm good.
"Why?" he asks me curiously.
"Because me and Lily are going shopping tonight and then we are going to see a movie" I tell him. And I'm soooooo excited. Eric just stares at me for awhile then he asks me
"why are you so excited? You always go shopping and to the movies?" He's looking at me as if I'm high. I roll my eyes.
"I'm excited because one: I'm always excited to go shopping. Duh! And two: because we're not just going to see just any movie, we're going to see a scary movie" I say proudly. Oh, yeah. I'm gonna see a scary movie because I'm cool like that. Heehee. Eric stares at me again and then bursts out laughing. I cross my arms. I don't see what's so funny.
"You’re going to go see a scary movie?" he asks me between laughs. I must be missing the joke because I really don't see what's to laugh about.
"Yeah, so?" I ask him. Eric finally stops laughing. Finally! I'd thought he'd never stop.
"Cori, you hate scary movies. You get scared so easily" he tells me with an amused smile on his face. Pshhhh! No I don't.
"Oh please! That's not true" I say while rolling my eyes.
"Oh really? Remember the time when one of my friends was telling a scary story in broad daylight and you got really scared. You had to sleep with all the lights on for a whole week. Plus the story wasn't even that scary" he tells me. Ohhh. I remember that. It was too a scary story.
"That guy was a good storyteller" I tell him.
"Or what about the time you got scared that all the good stuff at a store would be gone during a holiday sales weekend. You were terrified. Or what about the time when the weight scale was set for 10 pounds heavier, so when you weighed you started screaming" Eric tells me in an I-told-you-so kind of voice. Those aren't fair either. Who wouldn't be scared of missing the good stuff at a store? And I'll admit that I may have been overreacting with the skill. And I did say I MAY have been, but I can't let Eric know that.
"Okay, so I got scared. But you said so yourself, Eric, that I needed to try something new and I am. That's why I'm going to see a scary movie" I say back to him. Ha! I'm using his advice. I'd like to see what he says now, oh smart one. Eric sighs.
"Cori, when I told you to try something new, I was implying it with school. As in why don't you try something new and actually do your homework for once" he says. Yeah and why would I want to do that? Boring!!
"Well I implied it to something else instead and that is what I'm planning on doing tonight" I tell him. He rolls his eyes.
"Sure baby. I'm glad that your trying something new, but just........don't let it get to your head" he tells me. Get to my head? Why and how would I do that?
"And what does that supposed to mean?" I ask Eric. Care to explain it in English this time?
"Just don't do anything stupid" he tells me. Ohhhhhh. That's what he means. I smirk.
"Please Eric. Have some faith in me for once. I'm just going shopping and to the movies. What's so bad about that?" I ask him innocently. He smirks back at me and takes my hands in his.
"knowing you, anything could happen" he says and kisses my hands.
"And that's what worries me"
"I can't believe we're going to see a scary movie!" I say jumping up and down in line at the movie theater.
"I know me too. I feel like I'm living dangerously. Heehee" she says clapping her hands together in excitement. I couldn't agree more. Out of all the stuff we've done, this might be our best yet. We next in line to buy tickets.
"Okay so you know which movie we're going to see?" I ask Lily. She nods her head.
"Yup, It's Coming. Doesn't it sound scary?" she asks me. I laugh.
"Definitely, but that's the point" I tell her. We walk up to the cashier and buy our tickets. Once inside we go and buy candy and popcorn.
"Ugh! Lily, isn't that enough butter?" I ask looking sickeningly at how much butter is on her popcorn. She practically drowns the whole thing. I like a lot of butter, but not that much butter.
"What? It tastes better with extra butter" Lily says. Eew! Just look away, Cori and you'll be fine. We walk into the theater showing our movie. There were actually a lot of people in here. That's a lot since Halloween was last weekend. We find seats in the middle. Since we got here 15 minutes before the movie starts, we have time to chit chat.
"So what Felipe do when you told him that we we're going to see a scary movie tonight?" I ask her. She rolls her eyes.
"He started laughing like crazy and thought I was joking. When I told him that I was serious, he just started to laugh all over again. He said that we were never going to make it through the whole movie" she says.
"That’s basically what Eric did too. But that's okay because we're going to prove them both wrong" I tell her.
"Most definitely" Lily says agreeing with me. Suddenly the theaters lights start to dim. Yay! It's starting. We settle in and get ready to watch the movie.
2 Hours Later:
I open my eyes and look around the theater. People are getting up and leaving. Thank God it's over! I take a few deep breathes to calm my still beating heart. I look over at Lily. She pulled her legs up on the seat and her head is down. I shake her. "Lily! Let's get out of here" I tell her.
"is it finally over?" she asks me still not raising her head.
"Yes! So let's go" I tell her urgently. People are quickly leaving and I don't want to be left in here all alone. Lily lifts her head and puts her legs down.
"Phew! It is over. Let's get far away from this place" she says standing up. Yeah, far far far away from this place. We quickly get up and out of the theater. Once in the car, we both breathe a sigh of relief. Safe and sound.
"That was probably the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life! I'm going to have nightmares" Lily says while putting her head into her hands. Yeah, me too.
"Maybe, but we didn't walk out did we? We stayed for the whole thing. Even if we did close our eyes for half of the movie" I tell her while starting up my car.
"Yeah I guess that's true" Lily says. Once we get back on campus, reality hits us. We're scared shitless. Me and Lily grab each other’s hands and walk slowly to the freshmen dorm rooms. Even though there are still a lot of people outside, that still doesn't make us feel better.
We get to our dorm house. We open the front door slowly and look inside. We look at our dorm room door.........down the long dark hall way. Which is pretty scary. You see in the movie, there was a long dark hall way too. The people who walked down it, well let's just sat it didn't end well for them.
"Okay on the count of three, we make a run for it" I say to Lily. She nods her head. I count off.
"One. Two. Three. Ahhhhhhh..." we both scream as we run for our lives to our room. We get there and bang the door open and slam it shut. My heart is beating fast.
"Yes! We made it!" I say and slap hands with Lily. We turn on every single light possible in our dorm room. I'm lying on my bed reading a fashion magazine, when my cell vibrates indicating I have a txt. It's from Eric.
Oh boy, here we go. Okay Cori act natural. Even if it is texting.
So did you go see a scary movie? - Eric
Yup yup yup - Cori
what’d you see - Eric
its coming - Cori
Lol did you get scared - Eric
Okay act natural Cori.
Nope. I saw the whole thing with my eyes wide open and a smile on my face - Cori
Whatever Cori. I don't believe that for a second - Eric
Okay maybe what I put was a little farfetched but what else was I supposed to say? My only other option was to say that yes, I was terrified and no, I don't plan on sleeping tonight. And there is no way in hell that I'm admitting that to Eric. He'd never let me down.
Well it's TRUE!!! - Cori
Haha yeah right. Call me and prove it - Eric
Ugh! Now it's going to get tricky. You see if I talk to Eric, he'll tell right away by my voice that I'm scared. So it is better if I don't call him. But wait..... If I don't call Eric, he'll know that I'm scared. Grrrrrr. This is too complicated. I look over at Lily who is currently talking on her phone. I tune into her conversation.
"No Felipe, I wasn't scared. I actually liked it. Yes I’m being serious. Stop laughing. I'm not trying to fool anyone. You should have seen Cori, she was screaming the whole time." Lily says. What?!?! She was the one screaming, not me. I pick my flip flop off the floor and throw it at her.
"OW!" she says rubbing the spot where my shoe hit her. I raise my eyebrows and make a WTH kind of face. Lily gives me a sheepish grin then says to Felipe.
"Well actually, Cori wasn't screaming that loud. Other people were screaming louder than her. And no it wasn't me" Lily says. Yeah, that's what I thought. I roll my eyes and dial Eric's number. Now it's time to put my amazing acting skills to work. He picks up on the first ring.
"So let me get this straight, you weren't scared at all and had a
smile on your face?" he asks me right away.
"Yes Eric. I keep telling you that I wasn't scared then and I'm not scared now" I tell him. Please, please, please believe me.
"Cori, who do you take me for? I know you" he tells me. I can tell that he is amused by all of this.
"and I know myself" I say.
"then we both know that you are terrified of scary movies and can NOT be scared right now" he says.
"Eric, things change" I tell him simply. He just laughs.
"Okay baby, you don't have to admit it if you don't want to" he tells me
"Eric!!! I'm not scared! I told you a ton of times now that I'm not scared!!!!" I huffed, tired of repeating myself. How many times do I have to say it to get it through his head?
"Okay, okay, okay. Chill, baby. The point is, is that you tried something new. I'm proud of you, baby girl" he tells me. I'm smiled at my praise.
"Just remember not to let it get it to your head and do anything stupid" he tells me.
"but I'm not-" I start to say but Eric interrupts me.
"Even if you may or may not be scared. Just remember that okay?" he asks me. I sigh.
"Okay" I say. Don't do anything stupid. Easy!!
The Next Evening:
“Ahhhhh” I scream. A big grim reaper is behind me and wants to kill me. What did I do? Actually….I shouldn’t answer that. Suddenly the grim reaper starts laughing. Wait a minute. I know that laugh.
“Jared! That wasn’t funny” I tell him pissed. Geeze, he almost gave me a heart attack.
“Are you kidding? It was hilarious! Your face was priceless” Jared says laughing really hard. I glare at him.
“Ugh! What is with this stupid costume anyway? I’ve seen a ton of people dressed in weird costumes. FYI, Halloween was 2 weeks ago” I tell him. I mean really, are they stupid or what?
“The library’s having its annual Halloween party. It’s always 2 weeks after Halloween because they can get super cheap Halloween candy and because everyone wants to wear their costumes again. You know, so you can wear your Halloween costume more than once” he tells me. Oh, I see now. I look around the dining hall. That explains why all the nerds are all dressed up. What geeks! I mean come on. Who goes to a Halloween party, 2 WEEKS after Hallow-
“Hey Cori! Hey Jared! Check out my groovy costume” Janey says cheerfully. We look at her costume. She’s wearing a black straight wig, pair of skinny jeans, and a black sequined shirt with a red belt around it. She finishes it off with a pair of black boots. I like the outfit. Very classy, but it’s kind of funny because Lily has worn an outfit just like that the other day.
“Ummmm. I don’t know. You’ve lost me” I tell her. She smiles.
“I was hoping you’d say that. Don’t worry my other half is coming. You’ll be able to guess it then.” She says. Other half? What is that supposed to mean?
“I’m gonna go since I know what your costume is. It’s pretty lame if you ask me. I’m gonna go scare more people. I’ll meet up with you later” Jared says waving at us and walking away. Janelle rolls her eyes.
“Don’t listen to Jared. He thinks he knows everything” Janey says sitting down at my table.
“Tell me about it” I say agreeing with her.
“I see you have your costume on. Has she guessed what it is yet?” Eric asks behind me. I jump in my seat. He kisses me on my cheek and sits down at my table also.
“What? Did I scare you?” he asks me with a smirk. I glare at him.
“No, you didn’t. And to answer your question, No I didn’t guess it yet.” I tell him hotly. His smirk gets bigger.
“It would be hard for her to guess it with just me. We need Mariah. Then it will be complete.” She says to Eric. He nods his head in agreement. Hmph! It seems everybody knows what she is, except me. I’m always the last to know everything. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Janey and Mariah are like BFF’s now. I know, it really weird. Eric has to keep his eye on them too because they get into trouble. I like that part because while Eric is off watching them, me and Lily can be unobserved. Heehee.
“Oh! There she is now” Janey says pointing to Mariah approaching us. I look over at her. My eyes travel down her outfit…..or costume. Mariah has her hair down and has made her hair a little wavy. She is wearing a purple dress that stops 3 inches above her knees and a black belt. She has on black leggings and black furry boots. She is wearing a lot of bracelets, bangles, and rings. Her makeup is done similar to how mine is usually done. Wow! She actually looks good and not her usual over the top self. But I’m not going to say THAT in front of THEM. Janey quickly stands up and stands next to Mariah.
“Well? Can you guess it now?” she asks me. I look at them. Hmmmm, nope. It doesn’t ring a bell.
“Am I supposed to know who they are?” I ask Eric.
“Yeah, a little” he says amused. I look at them again. Still have no idea. I shrug.
“Do you want us to do a quote?” Janey asks me.
“Can’t you just tell me what letter your names start with?” I ask.
“No, then where would all the fun be?” Mariah says.
“Ugh! Fine, go ahead” I tell her sitting back in my chair.
“Like oh my gosh, a nerd just walked in my presence and into my space. God, this earth is invested with nerds. Why can’t they all just disappear?” Mariah says folding her arms and looking pissed.
“Geeze, your such a drama queen. Let’s just go shopping and you’ll feel better” Janey says to Mariah. I raise my eyebrows. Eric is laughing. He is enjoying this.
“Well?” Janey asks me again. Well they do seem kind of familiar.
“Hmmmm, it’s getting there” I tell them.
“Okay, we’ll do something else” Janey says.
“I have like the hottest boyfriend on campus. He’s a junior and is the star basketball player” Mariah says.
“No, I have the hottest boyfriend on campus. He is the star football player” Janey says next. I start to laugh. Are they being for real? The only star basketball and football player’s are Eric and Fel- ohhhhhh. I get it now. They’re being me and Lily.
“It’s a miracle. She finally gets it!” Eric says after seeing realization hit me. I smile, proud of myself. So Janey is dresses as Lily and Mariah is dressed at me. I usually wear a lot of bracelets and rings and her makeup and hair is done like mine. Her fur boots are exactly like mine too. Wait a minute…….
“Where did you get those boots and that dress?” I ask her suspiciously. 
“Calm down, girl. I didn’t steal them from you if that’s what you’re thinking. I bought them from the same place where you bought them” Mariah tells me. I raise my eyebrows at her.
“How did you know where I got them?” I ask her suspiciously.
“Well, I may have followed you one day while you went shopping?” she says shrugging. My mouth drops.
“You stalked me?” I asked her. Who stalks people? I mean really, come on. Creepers!
“So did I, while you and Lily went shopping. We did it together” Janey tells me. I still can’t get passed the fact that they stalked me.
“So you stalked me? Really?” I ask her again. I still can’t believe it.
“Come on Cori, don’t be a hypocrite” Eric says to me.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask him with my arms folded.
“You did the exact same thing they did” he says. I did?
“When?” I ask.
“Remember the lady that you said kept stealing your stuff. You stalked her home so you could do a stupid prank on her. Ring any bells?” he asks me. Oh yeah. I remember that really clearly since it only happened like two weeks ago. Heehee.
“That was totally different” I say to defend myself.
“Yeah, they did it for a fun cause. You did it for revenge. See the difference?” Eric asks me. Hmph! We did it for a fun cause too. Well it depends on how you look on it. I thought it was fun teepeeing her house and she deserved it too.
“I guess” I tell him with a pout. He grins at me.
“Hell, you two could have worn orange jump suits and she might have caught on faster” Eric says laughing. He really is enjoying this, isn’t he?
“Ha-ha-ha, you’re just hilarious” I tell him sarcastically with a glare. He laughs even more.
“No, but seriously guys. I’m really impressed with your costumes of me and Lily. They look exactly like us. I’m kind of surprised that you dressed up as us though……..actually no I’m not. Who wouldn’t want to be me?” I say with a grin. Eric just shakes his head.
“That is exactly what I said to Eric” Janey says with an I told-you-so look at Eric. Eric just rolls his eyes.
“Duh!” I say. I’m a pretty awesome person. Heehee. Suddenly Lily comes rushing up to our table out of breath.
“Cori! Cori! I have something to tell…..” she starts to say before she notices what Janey and Mariah are wearing.
“Oh! I like your outfits. I have one similar to yours Janey. Anyway, Cori-“she starts to say but I interrupt her.
“Lily! Can’t you see who they are for Halloween?” I ask her. She looks at them again. She looks at me with a clueless look and shrugs her shoulders.
“Gosh, Lily. You’re really slow. Can’t you see that their us?” I ask her as if she is the slowest and dumbest person alive. Lily looks back at them again.
“Ohhhhh, I get it now. Pretty creative. I would never have guessed” she says admiring their outfits. Ha! She’s not the only one.
“Yeah, we can do quotes too. Want to hear some?” Mariah asks her. Please no.
“NO! That’s okay. She’s already guessed who you are. No need to go any further. Anyway, what did you need to tell me Lily?” I ask her, stopping them from doing any quotes; much to Eric’s disappointment.
“Something important, but it has to be alone” Lily says. Hmmmm, I wonder what it is. I stand up and pick up my purse.
“Wait, we need to take a picture of you two with us” Janey says quickly. Heck, no!
“I don’t think so. I look terrible. I don’t have my make up on, my hair is in a messy bun, I’m wearing my comfy clothes, and I don’t have any jewelry on. Dress up tomorrow and we can take the picture then” I tell them. Lily nods he head in agreement. Last night was not my night. I kept having nightmares after watching that scary movie and didn’t get any sleep.
“Sweet! I can dress up as you guys again” Janey says happily. Eric just laughs and says
“Why would you want to?” I glare at him again. Doesn’t he know I’m awesome? I’ll talk to him later about it to make sure he knows.
“I’ll see you guys later” I tell them as Lily practically drags me out of the dining hall. I can never just walk out of here like a normal person.
“Okay! What’s the 911 emergency?” I ask her. Her eyes are wide.
“I saw IT!!!”
“Okay Lily, is everything set up?” I ask her into my cell phone.
“Yup, all clear. You ready to do this?” she asks me. Ready as I’ll ever be.
“Let's do this on the count of three, two, one. Go!!!” I say to her and I let go off my planned trap. It falls on our target perfectly. Excellent! Now it’s time for Lily to do her stuff. I see something spark and light up. I watch happily as I start to see smoke start to rise. Yes! Our plan is working. How about I go back a little bit and tell you what’s going on. You see, Lily first saw IT in our dorm house. She runs and tells me and makes me go with her to see IT. Let me tell you that I definitely see IT and it scares me. Do you know what it is capable of doing? Killing you with one look. You know the saying if looks could kill? Well hers can really do that. Anyway, me and Lily form a plan to get rid of IT. You see in the movie, the people in it used a rope and fire to get rid of it. So what we did is put a rope cord in a circle and when IT walked into it, we would light the fire on the rope to burn it all up. Good plan, huh? I know. I’m a genius.
“Cori, I think it’s working.” Lily says into my cell phone. Well duh! Why wouldn’t it? But suddenly I hear someone start to shout. Wait a minute? I think it’s coming from IT.
“Oh my goodness. Help me someone please. I’m in a fire, help me. Someone help” IT cries. What the? Why does IT have an old lady’s voice? Actually the voice kind of sounds familiar. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?
“Cori, that’s not IT. It’s an old lady. We gotta save her before she dies” Lily cries into the phone. We both run out of our hiding places and run toward the smoke. The fire is getting bigger now.
“Here, grab our arms and we’ll quickly pull you over it.” I say to the IT or old lady or whatever she is. She does and me and Lily pull with all of our might. Her dress has some flames on it, but we step on it to blow them out.
“Oh, thank you so much. You save my life. I’m not as fast I used to be” she tells us out of breathe. Two things suddenly happen. One, the fire alarm goes off along with the sprinklers and two, I realize why the voice sounds so familiar……….it’s Eric’s grandma.
“Cori! Are you okay?” I hear Eric ask me as he is coming up behind me. He quickly pulls me into a tight hug. You know in stories, how the girl always says that everything is going to be okay now that her man is here? Well I know for a fact that is NOT true. It’s going to be the opposite of okay. It’s going to be a catastrophe; and I’m not exaggerating.
“Yeah, I’m okay Eric” I tell him to calm him down. A fireman comes up to us.
“She’s pretty lucky if you ask me. Apparently she was right next to the fire. It’s a miracle she didn’t get burned” he says to Eric before walking off. Well thanks buddy. He just had to say that didn’t he? Eric instantly grabs my arms and checks them up and down for burns.
“Are you sure your okay?” he asks me again with real concern. If I wasn’t, do you think I would be this calm? If I was burned, I’d make sure everybody knew it. I look up into Eric’s worried green eyes.
“Yes, I’m okay. I promise” I tell him. He looks into my eyes for a little longer before closing his eyes and sighing.
“Okay baby, I believe you” he says while pulling me into his arms and holding me tight. He must have been really worried when he heard that one of the freshman dorms had a fire. He must have been really, really worried when he heard that I was involved. Great. Now I feel guilty. I almost want to go ahead and just tell Eric what happened to get it over with. Almost.
“Eric, quit hugging your girlfriend and give me some love for a change. She’s not going anywhere” a voice says behind us. Eric and I separate and look up to see his grandma with a smile on her face.
“Grandma?!?! What are you doing here?” he asks her while going over and giving her a hug.
“Surprised? I came to surprise Janey and join her at the Halloween costume party that she was so excited about. I came and was looking for her at her dorm room when I stepped into this weird looking rope that started on fire as soon as I stepped in it. Almost got burned alive, but was saved by two brave girls who got me out of the fire” she tells Eric full of animation. She a really good storyteller. I could listen to her all day.
“Really who?” he ask her. She puts her arm around me.
“Cori and Lily” she says proudly. Eric stares at her a moment then laughs.
“Your joking right?” he asks her amused.
“Eric Dawson! Does it look like I’m joking?” she asks him. Yeah! Go grandma!
“I’m sorry; it’s just that Cori and Lily are not the bravest people alive. In fact, their not brave at all” he says with another laugh. I narrow my eyes at him. Hmph! Meanie!
“Well they may not be the bravest, but they did save my life whether you want to believe it or not” she tells him while giving me a hug. Yay! I feel special.
“What are you dressed up as anyway?” Eric asks her. My eyes widen slightly. Okay, we are headed into dangerous territory. Eric is a quick thinker and can put two and two together really fast; which sucks for me. It’ll be okay Cori. Just act natural. You can still get out of it.
“Oh Eric! I thought you knew your scary movie. I’m IT” She says cheerfully. My heart starts beating fast.
“Yeah, Eric. Couldn’t you tell? It’s a really realistic costume” I tell him in a duh kind of voice.
“Yeah, it is a really realistic costume. So realistic that it could make someone believe that it was the real thing” he says suspiciously. I don’t dare look at him for fear of losing my cover, but I do know that he has his suspicious look on his face.
“Eric! Who would actually think that I was IT?” she asks him.
“Oh you’d be surprised” he tells her. Yeah, very surprised. Actually, more like shocked.
“Well, I’m sure you guys want to catch up a bit. I’m gonna go find Lily and see if she’s okay” I say and start to quickly walk away, but am stopped by a hand grabbing my arm. Damn! I thought I was free.
“Not so fast. I have one question for you grandma. Where was the fire at? Near what room?” he asks her.
“Actually, that’s two questions” I tell him with a pout. Okay, that was probably not the right thing to say at the moment. Eric tightens his hold of my arm.
“Well let me think. I think it was near rooms 21b, 22b, and 23b. Somewhere around there.” She says. Ugh! Why did she have to remember that? And wait a minute…. How could she possibly remember the room numbers? She’s old!
“Thanks grandma. Why don’t you go and surprise Janey at the library now” Eric says with a charming smile and no hint that he is pissed. My boyfriend is excellent at hiding his true feelings, in case you haven’t noticed.
“Why don’t you and Cori come join me?” she asks us. Yes!!  I’ll do anything to get away from Eric at the moment.
“No its okay. Actually, me and Cori are going to be busy. Very busy.” He tells her. I gulp because I know exactly what we will be doing and I don’t like it one bit.
“Cori! You are in so much trouble right now” Eric tells me angrily while sitting down on his bed and pulling me over his lap. Really? I had no idea.
“What were you thinking Cori? I mean seriously, come on. Fire?” Eric asks me while placing his hand on my bare backside. Well I thought it was a good idea at the time. And plus, that’s what the people did in the movie to get rid of IT. I was just following their example.
“I was trying to get rid of IT” I tell him. Eric doesn’t seem to like my answer because he lifts his hand and brings it down hard on my right cheek.
(Smack) Ow!
“Cori, there is no such thing as IT. It was just a movie. Total make believe” he tells me as he continues to spank me.
“Owwie. I know that now. I was just scared from the movie and ow I thought that your grandma was it owww” I say to him in a rushed sentenced. Eric is spanking hard now and it hurts like hell. I also had to finally admit that I was scared from the movie. It isn’t fair.
“I ( smack) know ( smack) that ( smack) you ( smack) were ( smack) scared ( smack) and that ( smack) is ( smack) why ( smack) I ( smack) always ( smack) told ( smack) you
 (Smack) to (smack) not (smack) do (smack) anything (smack) stupid. (Smack) But
(Smack) it (smack) looks (smack) like (smack) you (smack) didn’t (smack) listen
( smack) and ( smack) not ( smack) only ( smack) did ( smack) you ( smack) do ( smack) something ( smack) stupid, ( smack) you ( smack) also ( smack) did ( smack) something
(Smack) extremely (smack) dangerous (smack) (smack)” Eric says between spanks.
“ah oww I’m sorry. I know it owwie was stupid ah” I cry to him with tears starting to fall from my face. Okay so I guess the whole fire and the rope thing wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but he’ll make it seem like a huge could have been tragedy.
“Very stupid. Cori, you could have injured a lot of people and caused big time damages to your dorm. And you could have even killed someone. To make it worse, you could have killed yourself” he says and spanks my sit spots really hard now. See! I told you he would say something like that.
“I’m sorry Eric” I cry harder to him.
“And just your luck, that the so called IT was my grandma” Eric says giving me two hard smacks on my thighs before stopping. Ugh! Yeah, I feel really bad about that. I didn’t know it was his grandma. It’s not like I tried to burn her on purpose. And while I’m thinking about it, what is up with his family and surprise visits? Why can’t they call ahead of time and tell the person that they are coming? I mean, is it really that hard to pick up a phone and call. The part that sucks big time is that this is the second time someone in his family came as a surprise and I somehow always end up getting a sore ass. What is up with that? I don’t know about you, but it’s getting a little old; especially for me. Hmph!
“I know and I’m really sorry” I say sniffing. Yeah, my butt’s especially sorry. Eric stands me and pulls me into his arms. You know, I was expecting a much worse spanking. Like with the ruler or hairbrush or something other than his hand. Wait….why should I be questioning an easy spanking? I’m such an idiot. Eric pats my butt and says
“Ready for your real spanking, baby?” WHAT?!?! Hell no!! Ugh! I have a feeling that my butt is going to be even sorrier in just a few minutes.
Since I really don’t have a choice in the matter, all I can do to answer his question is nod my head. Eric pulls me back and takes my hands in his.
“Baby, you know what you did wrong right?” he asks me. I look up into his green eyes. They don’t show anymore anger in them.
“Yes sir I do” I tell him softly. He nods his head and pulls me toward the bed.
“Okay, angel. I want you to understand that you did something really dangerous today which is gonna cost you big consequences. Clear?” he asks me. I quickly nod my head again.
“Which is why I’m going to spank you with my belt” he tells me. My eyes widen. Not Mr. Meanie Belt. I hate that thing. I haven’t been spanked with that thing in a long time. Not since I tried skipping class for the LAST time. Ugh! Eric only spanks me with Mr. Meanie Belt if I did something really, really bad and I guess I did something really, really bad this time. So I guess….. I deserve it. (Sigh) This sucks. Big time.
“You know I love you, right angel?” Eric asks me. I look up into his green eyes again and see the love he has for me in them.
“I know, Eric” I tell him with a small smile. Eric returns my smile with one of his own.
“Let’s get this over and done with” he says and takes me arm and pulls me over the two pillows that he placed on his bed. Eric adjusts my butt while I fold my arms and place my head in them. Okay Cori. Remember to breath. Take deep breaths. In and out. In and out. I wonder if Eric will spank me fast or slow this time. Fast as in going five miles over the speed limit fast or how long it takes to bake cookies slow. Oh, I want cookies now. Maybe Eric will take me to the dining hall later to get some. I want chocolate chip ones with milk. Mmmmm. Yes, I will definitely be heading over there tonight, even if I have to sneak out and get some. Like a secret cookie mission. Heehee.
“Cori, you ready?” Eric asks me, bringing me out of my wondering mind.
“Ugh! No, but go ahead anyway” I tell him with a groan. I hear Eric chuckle.
“FYI, you’re getting 25” he tells me. I pout. 25 are A LOT. I feel the cool leather of the belt on my warm butt. I brace myself for the first lash of the belt.
OMG!! This is pure agony. I forgot how much the belt hurts. I instantly start to sob really hard. Eric is only spanking on my sit spots and thighs.
On the plus side, Eric is spanking me fast this time. He must really want to get it over with this time. I don’t blame him; I want to get it over with too.
“Ten more baby, then it’s over, okay?” he asks me gently. All I do is nod my head. I’m in sooooo much pain right now.
I’m sobbing as if the world is ending tomorrow. I will not be able to sit at all for awhile. At least I don’t have any classes tomorrow.
Eric quickly drops the belt on the floor and gently helps me stand up. He sits down on his bed, and then pulls me down on his lap. He puts his arm under my legs to lift my butt up to where it’s not touching anything. Eric gently rocks me back and forth.
“Shhhhh, babygirl. It’s okay now. It’s over. Shhhh, you did so good baby. I’m proud of you.
Shhhh, baby love. I love you so freakin’ much. You’re my good girl now. Shhhhh” Eric whispers to me to calm me down. It always works. Once I calmed down, I pull away a little in Eric’s arms and look at him.
“I’m (hiccup) all forgiven now (hiccup)?” I ask him while sniffing my nose. Eric looks down at me adoringly. He kisses my runny nose.
“All forgiven, as always” he says kissing my forehead next. I smile and snuggle back into Eric’s protective arms. I always feel so loved and cared for after he spanks me. It’s weird. I hate getting spanked, but I love the aftercare. It’s a love/hate situation.
“Baby, promise me one thing” Eric says to me.
“What?” I ask him curiously.
“Don’t watch anymore scary movies. Ever” I couldn’t agree more.

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